Kierra Sheard Talks New Album, Religious Reality Shows, and Judging on “Sunday Best”


Kierra Sheard just dropped her new album Graceland and it shot to No.1 on iTunes on it’s first day out.

CocoaFab caught up with the God-fearing songstress to get details on her new project and find out what she thinks about religious reality shows and the criticism they attract. We also got her to dish details about The Sheards and her judging stint on BET’s Sunday Best.

The 27-year-old star says Graceland is her most personal project to date and she couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

“It’s the most transparent piece of work that I have put out for the world. I was nervous at first because it’s a totally different route than my last record but the response has been absolutely amazing,” she says.

“I think as we mature naturally and spiritually we become more comfortable in our own skin. The more comfortable we become, the more we accept ourselves and we say, take it or leave it.”

The soulful sweetheart is hoping her music will reach people who don’t usually gravitate toward gospel.

“My dream is to go after those who are not in the church. I want to go after those who don’t know the Lord. This record is for those who are already believers but it’s also an urban sound that will appeal to people who don’t traditionally go toward gospel music,” she explains.

“Who is to say a record won’t save someone from committing suicide because they thought they were the only one going through things?”

On the album, Kierra is finally opening up about her struggles in her music and hoping it helps others do the same.

“I have always been scared to say certain things in music and this whole record helps me conquer that. I’m willing to give that piece of me because I’m obviously going through things to share it with other people. Every song on this album is my favorite. “Free” is one of my favorites but “Graceland” is my most transparent piece. It shows that I’m growing and there’s a beauty to that,” she explains.

As the star of her own family-based reality series, The Sheards, she knows a thing or two about what happens when cameras start rolling.

“I did have some reservations about reality TV when we got the offer. I know there has to be some kind of drama and I think I’m boring. I like to eat, shop and go to church. I was really nervous in the beginning,” she says.

“I’m not going to fight nobody and I ain’t gonna argue with you either. What helped me maintain my cool on television was being myself. We’re also producers so we have some creative control.”

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SOURCE: CocoaFab
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