‘High-Tech Luddite’ James Cameron Doesn’t Like Twitter, Facebook

James Cameron (Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY)
James Cameron (Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY)

Director James Cameron is arguably among the most tech-savvy of his peers, responsible for the two top-grossing movies of all time: Avatar, with its computer-generated look at life on another planet, and Titanic. And he’s been leading the charge toward filming in 3-D. Just don’t ask him to use a smartphone. Cameron, whose new documentary about underwater explorations, Deepsea Challenge 3D, opens Friday, told us why modern smartphones are not for him in an interview at his home here.


“I was the first person I knew to have a cellphone in my car in 1983. At that point it was intriguing. Now I just see it as a ball and chain. I don’t want to be that available to the world. I don’t want to share every single thing I do. I look around the airport, and every single person is oblivious to the world around them. They don’t live in the moment. I’ve made a conscious choice to not spend all my time … looking down at a device. I refuse to do it. So there you have it. I’m a Luddite. But I’m a high-tech Luddite.”


“I hate it. I hate everyone else’s tweets, too. They’re boring. What can you say in 140 characters? I can’t even clear my throat in 140 characters.” Same goes for Facebook.

“I don’t even have a Facebook account.”


He uses the Apple tablet on the set. “It’s a good tool. You can have your previews loaded on it, cuts loaded on it. You can have the newest special-effects shots come in for approval. It’s useful.”

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