Churches Find One of the Best Ways to Serve Communities Is By Helping Local Schools

The school supply store at Edgewood Church in Atlanta. (Edgewood Facebook photo)
The school supply store at Edgewood Church in Atlanta. (Edgewood Facebook photo)

Churches eager to engage the communities around them would be challenged to find a better place to start than local public schools.

Think about it, says Carrie Dean, co-pastor of Edgewood Church in Atlanta: schools, and especially teachers, are the first to know about families in crisis and the other needs of children, siblings and parents.

“In addition, schools are places that are already working to engage the busy families in your community,” said Dean, whose Cooperative Baptist missional church plant runs a school supply store and provides tutoring and other services for a nearby elementary school.

“Churches that are interested in understanding and reaching their communities would be hard-pressed to find a better place to love, serve — be good news in their community,” she said in an email to ABPnews/Herald.

It’s a subject on ministers’ minds across the country as the nation’s children return to school from summer break.

And educators like Diana Garland, dean of Baylor University’s School of Social Work are urging churches to consider how they can best serve those children and their families.

Garland said it comes down to the fact that the quality of relationships between churches and schools are not only about the quantity of money donated to schools. Churches need to consider carefully their approach to school ministries, she says.

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SOURCE: Associated Baptist Press
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