Christian Bridal Shop In Pennsylvania May Face Lawsuit After Refusing to Sell Wedding Dresses to Lesbian Couple


A lesbian couple planning to marry needed wedding gowns and decided to call W.W. Bridal in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, for an appointment.

But an employee of the boutique replied that the owner “[does] not service same-sex couples,” the New York Daily News noted.

“We feel we have to answer to God for what we do,” store owner Victoria Miller, a Christian, told The Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, according to the Daily News.

“And providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.”

Then one of the women turned down by the boutique took her complaint to Facebook, the Daily News said, and things heated up from there.

A string of comments on a reviews page has been growing longer by the day with reactions ranging from full support of the boutique to outright disdain.

“What happened to ‘we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone’?” asked Katie Young. “No business anywhere is required to provide service unless they want to. This is about this company owner’s rights as a retailer.”

“I didn’t realize this is the only place in all of PA to purchase a gown,” Lillian Guillot wrote. “You should not have to sacrifice your convictions to operate a business. God will bless you as you stand by your beliefs in a righteous manner.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze
Dave Urbanski

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