Rapper Turned Pastor, Mase, Leaves Church to Pursue Music Career

Mase Betha
Mase Betha

Back in March, Mase faced scrutiny from his churchgoers when they found out that he tried to keep his divorce a secret and, as worshipers claimed, was spending too much of his time hanging around “hardcore” rappers. Now, TMZ is reporting that instead of trying to make things right, Mase has severed ties with the thousands of followers and has stopped preaching to solely pursue his rap career.

The former Bad Boy rapper has given up on preaching and is now playing gigs on the West Coast in attempts to get back into rapping full time. Mase most recently hopped on the remix to Troy Ave’s summer hit, “Your Style” and also released his new single “Nothing.”

Mase has made a habit of flip-flopping between rapping and preaching and every few years seems to go back from one to the other. Mase originally left rap to pursue a career as a preacher in 1999.

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