Gotee Records Celebrates 20 Years With New Compilation This Week



Gotee Records was founded two decades ago by multi-Grammy® award winner and 11 million albums-sold artist TobyMac, along with producers Joey Elwood and Todd Collins. Gotee is celebrating their milestone anniversary with the release of special compilation album, titled Gotee Records: Twenty Years Brand New, that is available this week at all digital outlets like iTunes and Amazon and as a limited edition physical CD at Gotee Records: Twenty Years Brand New features new recordings from the label’s current roster along with Gotee alumni performing each other’s songs. Jamie Grace performs Relient K’s “Getting Into You”, Out of Eden reunites to perform House of Heroes’ “Constant”, and Capital Kings takes on Grits’ “Ooh Ahh” with some help from John Reuben to name just a few. For the complete 20-song track-listing, look below or check out

“Walking alongside artistry at Gotee Records has always been one of my most cherished and fulfilling roles,” shares TobyMac co-founder and CEO of Gotee Records. “To meet a budding artist on the road and watch them go from sharing their art with me in the form of a demo to blossoming into something that stops the world is indescribable. Most times, I’m along for the ride and inspired by them the whole way there.”

In addition to the one-of-a-kind release, Gotee Records is thrilled to announce the RIAA Gold certification of two singles surpassing the 500,000 thresholds with downloads and on-demand streams. Receiving this honor are Jamie Grace’s “Hold Me” featuring TobyMac and Grits’ “Ooh Ahh” featuring TobyMac. Both of these certifications usher historical stats as Jamie Grace becomes one of four female Christian artists to receive this status, while Grits is the only Christian hip-hop/rap artist to earn Gold single certification.

The deep musical legacy that Gotee has fostered over the last 20 years includes five RIAA Gold certified albums to their name and launching numerous successful artist careers in R&B, rap, reggae and rock such as Out of Eden, GRITS, Jennifer Knapp, Relient K, Jamie Grace and many more. Here are some memories and well wishes from Gotee’s alumni:

We laughed together, we cried together, disagreed at times, made music and history, but that’s what family is and celebrating 20 years together through this project is a beautiful thing. We still are and always will be family. – Teron “Bonafide” Carter, GRITS

For Grits to be a part of such an amazing legacy is an honor and a privilege. Never have I encountered such a level of integrity and sincerity in the music industry, but most of all people I can, to this day, still call family. – Stacy “Coffee” Jones, GRITS

Being a part of the Gotee family was one of the greatest blessings to our families and ministry. It provided a foundation for us in the music industry that we will always be grateful for. Joey, Toby and the entire Gotee family taught us early in our career that a record deal did not define us. Congratulations family – Gotee for life! – James Katina, The Katinas

Gotee has been our family from the very early stages of our band and we are so proud to be a part of this project. We are so thankful for Joey and Toby and the rest of the team. I can remember listening to Johnny Q Public in high school and dreaming about playing rock music. – Matthew Hoopes, Relient K

We had an incredible time reuniting in the studio for the first time in eight years to celebrate Gotee Records and all the artists that have been a part of the Gotee family for the past 20 years! Congrats to Gotee Records for an incredible 20 years! – Out of Eden

Track listing* for Gotee Records: Twenty Years Brand New:
1. Relient K – “Body Be” (originally performed by Johnny Q. Public)
2. Capital Kings feat. John Reuben – “Ooh, Ahh” (originally performed by GRITS feat. tobyMac)
3. The Katinas – “River” (originally performed by Out of Eden)
4. Out of Eden – “Constant” (originally performed by House of Heroes)
5. John Reuben – “Love Addict” (originally performed by Family Force 5)
6. House of Heroes feat. Stephanie Smith – “Stereo” (originally performed by 4th Ave. Jones)
7. Jamie Grace – “Getting Into You” (originally performed by Relient K)
8. Ayiesha Woods – “Refine Me” (originally performed by Jennifer Knapp)
9. Ryan Stevenson – “My Refuge” (originally performed by Sonicflood)
10. Soul Glow Activatur – “Doin'” (originally performed by John Reuben)
11. Harper Still – “Here’s My Heart” (originally performed by Out of Eden)
12. Sarah Kelly – “Bless the Lord” (originally performed by Jeff Deyo)
13. GRITS – “Undo Me” (originally performed by Jennifer Knapp)
14. Finding Favour – “One More Time” (originally performed by The Katinas)
15. Stephanie Smith – “I Celebrate the Day” (originally performed by Relient K)
16. Paul Wright – “Valley of Decision” (originally performed by Christafari)
17. Zilch – “Over Thinking” (originally performed by Relient K)
18. The Gotee Brothers – “Gotee’s Groovin'” (originally performed by Out of Eden)

**Bonus Tracks**
19. John Reuben – “Love Addict (Lounge Club Version)” [originally performed by Family Force 5]
20. Relient K – “Sadie Hawkins Dance (10 Year Reunion)” [originally performed by Relient K]
*track listing subject to change

In 1992 a production team of three talented guys with diverse tastes shared a love for music. Producers Joey Elwood and Todd Collins, along with Grammy-winning artist TobyMac, launched Gotee Records in 1994 after unsuccessfully finding a label deal for the R&B trio Out of Eden. With a steady focus on artistry, the new label expanded to reflect the diverse interests of its founders. Within 12 months, Christafari, GRITS, and Johnny Q. Public were signed, easily representing four different music categories: R&B, reggae, rap and rock. In the 20 years since Gotee’s founding as a record label, it has launched the careers of Relient K, Jennifer Knapp, Sonicflood and more recently, Jamie Grace, Capital Kings, Finding Favour and Ryan Stevenson. The present day in the Gotee story is much like the label’s early days. Through all the changes in a tumultuous music industry, the boutique label’s independent spirit is maintained through a steady focus on artist development and diversity.


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