Destiny’s Child Reunites to Sing “Say Yes” Gospel Song (Video)

Beyoncé Knowles in the "Say Yes" music video (ABC News)
Beyoncé Knowles in the “Say Yes” music video (ABC News)

Beyoncé Knowles hasn’t necessarily been the ideal Christian female role model lately. But that isn’t stopping her from singing about Christ.

A new song called “Say Yes” features the reunited trio from Destiny’s Child singing an unadulterated Gospel tune.

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no,” rings the hook of the soulful chorus over a catchy dance beat.

Trading parts with former group mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, Knowles picks up the second verse, singing:

I’m not worried about a thing
‘Cause I know You are guiding me
Where You lead me, Lord I will go
I have no fear ’cause I know Who’s in control
There’s no limit to what You can do
’cause it all belongs to You
You’re almighty and all-powerful
And it all belongs to You

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Alex Kocman

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