Christian Blogger Creates Smartphone-Like Icons for Each Book of the Bible


A new collection of clipart from Bible blogger Jeffrey Kranz could help Christians with their study and memorization of the good book.

Kranz‘s Bible icons – which look like a cross between an Apple iOS app and Christian sticker set – boil down the text of each book of the Bible into a simple logo-like image.

“The written word is great, but we all know quick visuals would make it even easier to get the gist of the Bible’s many books,” Kranz writes on his blog, The Overview Bible Project. “So this one goes out to all the Sunday-school teachers, OT-survey and NT-survey professors, and expository pastors who want a quick, high-level illustration of every book of the Bible.”

Check out the icons Kranz came up with along with the story behind each in the slideshow here, or visit The Overview Bible Project for more info or to download the set.

SOURCE: Houston Chronicle
John Boyd

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