Benham Brothers Believe Persecution Against Them Is Not Over

David and Jason Benham
David and Jason Benham

Twin brothers and real estate entrepreneurs Jason and David Benham, already battered for their Christian beliefs, predict the persecution is not over.

The brothers have taken a beating in past months because they hold traditional and biblical views about marriage and abortion – and dared to express them, creating a backlash from homosexual activists.

Their beliefs surfaced in May when website Right Wing Watch dug up footage of them protesting, and HGTV dropped their “Flip it Forward” real estate series that was taping for an October debut.

Just a few days later, SunTrust bank withdrew its business partnership with the Benhams’ real estate business. Public pressure prompted SunTrust to restore the relationship just hours later.

Jason Benham tells OneNewsNow he and his brother are doing what Christians are supposed to do.

“The folks within the church need to not concern themselves as much with going to church as being the church right where they are,” he says. “And when that happens, you’ll lift up the name of Jesus in whatever situation that may be.”

He goes on to say there are times to “take a stand” and times to “put your arm around somebody.”

“It just depends,” he says. “The Holy Spirit’s the one who’s going to lead you in that.”

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SOURCE: One News Now
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