Plugged In Online Reviewers: “Godzilla,” “Million Dollar Arm” Not Slam Dunks for Families

A scene from "Godzilla." (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)
A scene from “Godzilla.” (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

“Godzilla” and “Million Dollar Arm” debut in theaters across the nation Friday. But between “Godzilla’s” overgrown lizards and “Million Dollar Arm’s” exceptionally talented Indians, movie reviewer Bob Waliszeski says neither hits a family friendly home run.

“Godzilla,” starring Bryan Cranston, who plays scientist Joe Brody, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Lieutenant Ford, is a gruesome allegory about the pitfalls of militarized science.

As expected “with a skyscraper-size lizard, it’s going to have some violence and language. But it’s a popcorn muncher for the summer,” Waliszeski, director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Online, said.

“It deserves a PG-13 rating. I give it a 3 out of 5 for family friendliness. It has some potential but not a slam dunk for families,” he added.

Plugged In Online film critic Paul Asay says parents should be forewarned that there are “four s-words, four or five uses of ‘h—‘ and one ‘d–n,'” and Jesus’ name is abused three times along with God’s at least a dozen.

“Someone refers to Godzilla as being like “a god, for all intents and purposes,” he continued.

But there is some redeemable spiritual content: a prayer is said over a plane full of soldiers right before they parachute into a monster-mashed area.

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