North Carolina Pastor Sees Benham Brothers’ HGTV Flap as Opportunity for Consistent Faith, Love

David and Jason Benham
David and Jason Benham

Jason and David Benham of Charlotte, North Carolina, have received national attention when HGTV pulled the plug on their reality real estate show, “Flip it Forward,” because of their traditional stance on marriage.

The network quit filming three days before the final shoot under pressure from critics of the brothers’ religious beliefs.

Brian Boyles, pastor of Charlotte’s Northside Baptist Church, is a friend of Jason and David Benham. He said they’re humble and affectionate toward all and told CBN News others can learn from their consistency.

“If you’re only known by negative statements or by negative actions, then you’re only going to get a negative backlash,” Boyles said.

“But what people need to see in us is that we’re consistent in our faith of love,” he said. “We’re consistent in our faith of forgiveness and mercy and grace and serving or helping the community.”

“So if a believer wants to know ‘how can I make a statement or stand up for my faith and not be demonized,’ well, be consistent – not just giving statements on marriage or other hot topics, but be consistent showing the love that you’re supposed to show everybody,” he said.

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