NHCLC Merges With Conela; New Organization to Represent Over 500,000 Churches


The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), the largest Hispanic Christian organization in the U.S. representing millions of Evangelicals and over 40,000 churches, says it will merge with Conela, a Latin America-based organization that serves over 487,000 Latin churches across the world.

“This merger is a win-win for both NHCLC and Conela, and we are thrilled to join together to better serve Hispanic evangelicals worldwide,” said Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the NHCLC, speaking in a news release made available to the ASSIST News Service.

He added, “Under the new NHCLC, we will continue to unify, serve and represent the Hispanic evangelical community with the divine and human elements of the Christian message all while advancing the Lamb’s agenda.”

This merger, which came at the request of Conela President Ricardo Luna, will result in a worldwide organization that represents over half a million churches and millions of individuals, making it the largest evangelical association in the world.

Speaking in the news release Luna said, “Party delegates from 16 Latin nations including Spanish speaking, Portuguese speaking and Spain enthusiastically approved our fusion and merger with NHCLC. It is an affirmation that our identity is now global. We have three continents of the five that will be party of this expression of unity. From this platform we will establish a dialogue with the East-South church which is now the majority church.”

Through the merger, Conela will bring additional research capabilities to NHCLC’s strong organizational structure. Conela has conducted several studies among Latin Americans, including surveying 7,500 Latino pastors about the priorities they believe are important for the church.

Of the 10 priorities they identified, seven coincided with the NHCLC 7 Directives of Life, family, compassionate evangelism, stewardship, justice, education and youth.

“Our merger with Conela is momentous because it expands our network and hence opportunities for all our members,” said Carlos Campos, chair of the Alliance for Hispanic Education, speaking in the news release.

He added, “As the chair of our education directive, I especially look forward to connecting our member churches with educational opportunities for students throughout Latin America.”

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Jeremy Reynalds

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