Korean Pastor Among 3 Nominated for Southern Baptist Convention Presidency

Dennis Manpoong Kim
Dennis Manpoong Kim

William Dwight McKissic Sr., senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, announced he will nominate Dennis Manpoong Kim, senior pastor of Global Mission Church of Greater Washington, for the office of president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

With its predominantly Korean membership, Global Mission in Silver Spring, Md., is the largest church in the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.

“According to Jesus, unless the world sees His family as ‘one’ they may not believe in His incarnation. That’s why it’s so important that the SBC becomes a unified family, that reflect in her leadership and followship, people from ‘every kindred, tongue, tribe, and nation’ (Rev. 5:8-9),” said McKissic, in a written speech posted on SBCVoices.com.

McKissic, an African American, recalled when Kim, at the 2010 Orlando SBC meeting, stood on the floor and made an appeal for ethnic minorities to be included and play a greater role in SBC life.

“I resonated with his plea. I resonated with his pain. I resonated with the potential and promise that his plea represented. It is now time for the SBC to move to the next level and continue to fulfill the prayer of Jesus, that we might be one, so that the world would know that He is Immanuel, God with us (Matt. 1:23),” McKissic said.

McKissic noted at the current time, all SBC entity heads are comprised of the majority, historic SBC ethnic group—Anglos.

“Thank God for the Anglos. The SBC would not be poised to be the only evangelical denomination in my judgment with the potential to become thoroughly inter-racial if it were not for the inclusiveness and Kingdom-minded hearts of Anglo SBC persons,” he said, noting current president, Fred Luter, “certainly did not become president of the SBC with only ethnic minority votes.”

The new SBC president will succeed Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, who became the first-ever African American to lead the SBC when he was elected in 2012.

If elected, “Dr. Kim will lead us to continue our growing ministry to a rapidly diversifying America with a strong and faithful gospel witness…He will be an ambassador for the Kingdom and Southern Baptists that’s well qualified,” McKissic said, adding, “The SBC will not have to compromise integrity, leadership, sound doctrine, CP support, missions/evangelism/discipleship commitment, or any expectation of an SBC President by electing Dr. Kim.”

Under Kim’s leadership, McKissic said, the Global Mission Church has been faithfully partnering and collaborating with the Southern Baptist Convention in all areas of Christian ministry including Cooperative Program, world missions, local outreach, relief efforts, community service, and pastors’ fellowship.

“His leadership among Maryland Baptists is significant in how he has grown a strong, vibrant ministry outside of the South, and he is equipped and uniquely positioned to lead the Southern Baptist Convention in growing in areas and among cultures where we have not traditionally had a strong impact. We need the kind of leadership, expertise, and experience that Dr. Kim has gained from ministering outside of the South in a rapidly changing cultural situation,” he said.

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SOURCE: Baptist Life
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