John Boehner Tea Party Challenger Loses Job at Cedarville University Over “Electile Dysfunction” Ad (Video)

J. D. Wintergg and his wife. (JD WINTEREGG FOR CONGRESS)
J. D. Wintergg and his wife. (JD WINTEREGG FOR CONGRESS)

A Tea Party candidate challenging House Speaker John Boehner got a few chuckles, and a lot of Internet views, with a recent raunchy campaign ad about “electile dysfunction” — but the spot has cost him one of his day jobs.

J.D. Winteregg, one of two candidates running against Boehner in the Republican primary for Ohio’s 8th District, got into trouble with Cedarville University, a Baptist school in Ohio where he taught as an adjunct professor. He confirmed to that his contract was not renewed, on the heels of that ad.

He said he was contacted by a supervisor who informed him his contract would lapse because the commercial “did not correspond with university values.”

The commercial, titled “When the Moment is Right,” parodies erectile dysfunction commercials and urges Ohioans to cure their “electile dysfunction” by voting out Boehner.

“Winteregg in Congress will help you every time the moment is right to have your voice heard at the federal level,” the ad says, later adding, “If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention.”

Winteregg told he had worked as an adjunct professor of French for three years at the university, in addition to teaching at a high school.

Mark Weinstein, a spokesman for the university, told that Winteregg will finish out the semester but is not scheduled to teach any future classes. He said the university did not believe the video represented Cedarville’s values, but could not confirm why Winteregg’s contract was not renewed.

“(At Cedarville) we don’t get into politics,” Weinstein said. “We are all about Christ-centered education.”

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