Archers Rise Releasing “Jupiter Bound” EP on Save the City Records


Save the City Records has signed the band Archers Rise, featuring Tom Cox, former guitarist of the best selling band Falling Up. Archers Rise will be releasing their new EP “Jupiter Bound” on June 3rd, featuring their single “Sway With Me” which is currently on the “Most Wanted” chart of The band is also hosting an album release party on June 5th at their hometown in Corvallis, Oregon – a region that has produced many Christian music talents: Chris Stevens (producer for TobyMac & Jamie Grace), Kutless, Ryan Stevenson, Paul Wright, and Rootdown. Archers Rise “Jupiter Bound” will be available on June 3rd on digital retail outlets, and via a special edition CD only available at Archers Rise shows and the Save the City Records eStore.

About Archers Rise
Archers Rise began as a dream of Tom Cox in 2009. He had been writing songs that expressed the metamorphosis he experienced since his departure from Falling Up (Tooth and Nail Recordings). He began the project under the name Becoming An Archer, which reflected the season of life where we learn the timing and the aim required to hit the mark of the target in our sights.

During the fall of 2009, Tom befriended Jeremiah Wilson (drums), whom he met as a student, the two connected instantly and inseparably. Shortly after, Tom and Lee Edward (bass) also became friends through mutual contacts in the local music community. Later the group was introduced to a quiet young keyboard player, Matthew Flood.

After almost two years of friendship, informal practices and small shows, the group decided to record an EP. However, financial and time constraints kept coming like endless hurdles. But with increased determination, the foursome continued on. They discussed whether the name Becoming An Archer captured the essence of their relationships and music. Later, they agreed on the name Archers Rise, believing it represents a powerful movement and a captivating sound that would bring the best out of difficulties and brighten the lives touched. After nearly a year, the self-titled Archers Rise EP was released on February 1st, 2012. The group felt a self-titled EP reflected their current season of rising and made room for the music to shine. New fans and loyal supporters celebrated the release. The group desires to connect with their listeners personally, believing they are crucial to the music. Jeremiah commented, “The listeners are the most important part of Archers Rise.”

Archers Rise was pleased with the EP, having the goal to create something authentic rooted in the relationship and unity of their hearts. Tom commented, “There is a powerful movement when you advance in unity. I feel this group has such a strong unity and love for one another.” The result is six diverse tracks ranging from arena rock to enchanting ballads, a cross-pollination of influences from Switchfoot to One Republic producing a kaleidoscope of sounds and textures that seem to intensify the more one listens, like getting to know all the subtleties of a city after living there many years. At whatever level a listener engages this music they are bound to be intrigued and left awaiting the next release and live show.

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About Save The City Records
In 1997, Derek Hoiem had a vision to assist musicians in local churches, and having been a software designer for Microsoft, he knew that the digital wave would bring massive change to the music industry. After investigating music business models, he found that record labels were necessary but needed to change by adopting the indie wave. After recording and working with indie artists for about 5 years, in 2008, Hoiem launched Save the City Records as a national brand. After garnering critical acclaim on iTunes and media outlets, Save the City Records landed a distribution deal with Provident Distribution. Over the last several years, the company has picked up more artists who have been featured on iTunes, played on national radio, ranked on the Billboard charts, and featured at national music festivals.

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