Wisconsin Atheists Rush to Set Up ‘Jesus Christ Is a Myth’ Message to Counter Christian Easter Display

The "Jesus is a myth" display from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
The “Jesus is a myth” display from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

An atheist group upset at a Concerned Women for America Easter display that includes a Christian cross and various anti-abortion materials has now countered with an addition of their own: A sign that labels Jesus Christ as nothing more than a myth.

The message from the Freedom From Religion Foundation that’s now mounted at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison reads: “Nobody died for our ‘sins,’ Jesus Christ is a myth.”

The atheist group said it rushed to obtain the necessary permit this week after learning CWA had permission for its Easter display.

The group’s co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor, said in a written statement: “It’s unfortunate to see a sectarian symbol that is increasingly used as a symbol of political intimidation in our state capitol. It’s also unfortunate to see women serving as a front for a patriarchal religion based on women’s subservience and second-class status. This is the same group that helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, citing its allegiance to biblical principles, instead of civil liberties under our secular government.”

Still, the CWA and other Christian-based groups are taking the high road.

A CWA spokeswoman on Fox News said Wednesday morning that even though she disagreed with the anti-Christ message, the Freedom From Religion Foundation does have a constitutional right of freedom of speech — and for that, she’s thankful.

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SOURCE: The Washington Times
Cheryl K. Chumley

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