Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick Visits, Prays for Resigned Charlotte Mayor

(Elevation Church, Facebook)
(Elevation Church, Facebook)

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, who resigned this week after his arrest on federal corruption charges, had a visitor Friday at his south Charlotte home: Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick.

“Today Pastor Steven Furtick visited the Cannon family in their home to pray for them during this most trying time in their lives,” the church’s chief financial officer, Chunks Corbett, said in a statement. “Our church will continue to pray for the Cannon family and all of the leaders of the city of Charlotte in the days to come.”

Cannon’s wife, Trenna, and children and sometimes the former mayor attend the rapidly growing, multicampus Southern Baptist church. When Cannon was sworn in as mayor in December, Furtick gave the ceremony’s closing prayer.

“We thank you for our new mayor, that you will bless him with 10,000 blessings,” Furtick prayed. “We pray that when he wakes up in the morning that he will feel and sense a surrounding strength and peace that only you can give.”

SOURCE: The Charlotte Observer
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