Christian Thriller “Persecuted” Set to Hit Theaters May 9


While movies like “Son of God” and “Noah” make their debut in theaters across the country, the next Christian film to hit theaters takes a modern day turn to the fight for religious liberty in America.

The political thriller “Persecuted” will open in theaters on May 9 and features a star-studded cast, including former Tennessee senator and 2008 presidential candidate Fred Thompson in a leading role, as well as Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, Politico reported.

The film is about a televangelist named John Luther, played by James Remar, who is being pressured into supporting legislation that would give “equal time” to all religions and “censor religious speech.” When Luther refuses to support the measure because he believes it will “water down the Gospel,” he is framed for the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl.

Thompson plays Dr. Charles Luther, who is the father of the main character and a Catholic priest.

Director Daniel Lusko said in a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that he wrote the script five years ago, but that “current events have certainly caught up” to the theme of the movie.

He said the idea for the film came from a vision of a man being hunted down by an “intrusive government trying to clamp down on his religious freedom.”

There was also a screening of the movie at CPAC on Friday night, which was well received by the conservative crowd.

Avi Davis, president of the Los Angeles-based think tank American Freedom Alliance, told Politico that “Persecuted” showed what could be realistic events, “given our current administration.”

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SOURCE: Newsmax
Courtney Coren

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